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A Force Between Waters paperback cover image 

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When Denzel and his fellow trader Winston lead their pack-ponies home from the small Lancastrian port of Bolton, he's amazed when he finds the strangely wrapped body of a girl floating in a pool beside the track. This turns out, though, to be only the first of many mysteries involving Denzel and his Gaian College at Wallsuches.


What's behind the longstanding animosity between the neighbouring hamlet of Horwich and the fishing port of Chorley?  Why has it recently spilled over into bloody conflict? How might this threaten Denzel's College and its remote Gaian Foundation in the Lancastrian capital of Clitheroe?  And what part, if any, does the enigmatic girl found in the pool play in all this?


Set in a future Lancashire, after climate change, we follow Denzel as he's dragged not only into a search for answers, but into a fight against a legacy from his world's cataclysmic past. And against all this upheaval, can Denzel finally fulfil a promise he made many years before to his lamented younger sister?




My Latest Historical Fiction Time-slip Novel


An Handfull of England paperback cover

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When hospital doctor Peter Buchanan goes through his case notes for his following morning's clinic, he doesn't expect to be transported back four hundred years. There, he becomes caught up in one of Tudor England's most intriguing mysteries: a Catholic attempt to topple Queen Elizabeth that became known as "The Hesketh Plot". Nor did he expect that the lives of those so long ago would become as real to him as those of the twenty-first century. So real that, after being returned to his own time, he's determined to go back to the sixteenth century, to follow the fate brought down on those left in the plot's wake.

Join Peter and become intimately immersed in the life of Ferdinando Stanley, Lord Strange and fifth Earl of Derby. Follow him into a fascinating, twisting story involving major figures of the time such as: Robert Devereux, second Earl of Essex; Sir Robert Cecil, Secretary of State to Queen Elizabeth; Margaret Stanley, Dowager Countess of Derby; Queen Elizabeth herself, and a wealth of characters all the way from Lathom House, the northern seat of power in Lancashire, to the Royal Court at Windsor Castle in the south.

The very last thing Peter suspected was that his slip through time would also bring him love, something he'd long since dismissed as a lost hope. A hope that would then be denied him by time itself. But Peter has always been stubborn, the more so when confronted by the seemingly impossible.



My First Historical Fiction Time-slip Novel


The Forebear's Candle Cover  

It's 1976, and hippie student Colin and his new girlfriend, Kate, begin their life together during that heat wave summer. But something - or someone - intrudes into Colin's mind and won't go away. It leads them to unwind an extraordinary tale, taking them back to events some 500 years ago, to Jusuf, Rodrigo and Gwenna.

Who are they, though, and what is their link with Colin and Kate? And what's the sinister mystery at the heart of their story that threatens the very existence of Colin and Kate's own world?

A fresh and original time-slip novel of romance, revenge, religion, and redemption, where twentieth-century England's North West and fifteenth-century Cornwall are unforgettably evoked with colour, richness and wit. If you like beautifully engrossing tales of mystery and intrigue, you will love The Forebear's Candle.

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A straight SF novel in the old-school style


Beyond Ever Blue Skies Cover Image   

Morgan is a lecy-eng, one of an elite group that has responsibility for maintaining the vital systems of Rundkern. When a circuit in Agri-Prod is suspected of being responsible for a valuable crop's sickening state, Morgan gets to discover more about the lowly agri-engs than he ever imagined.

 His tale becomes one of intrigue, love and an unexpected but frankly unbelievable discovery. But before Morgan knows it, he's committed himself to agri-eng Stephanie and her own people's long-held hopes about a place that seems to him little more than a pie-in-the-sky dream.

 Can there really be a "Promised Land", and if so, will it ultimately snatch Stephanie from him? For the Promised Land is somewhere to which no lecy-eng can ever journey. But then, nor can Morgan be left behind alive in Rundkern knowing of its existence.

A gripping SF story from a master storyteller, author of the SF/Fantasy novels "Solem" and the six volumes of the "Realm of Dica" series: all "Beautifully written books with deep, rich and unexpected tales told so engrossingly well".
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A far-future speculative fiction novel with a difference


Solem   The world of The Green forbids demons. They have always been sent away whilst still young children, over the river to an unknown fate...until Janeen.

Ignorant of her true nature, she unwittingly bewitches the folk of her forest village until, on the cusp of womanhood, the inevitable finally happens.  As a young woman demon, she soon brings chaos to the ordered ways on the other side, and with it profound consequences not only for herself, but for her previously unchanging world.

She may not know what she really is, but the wonder that makes her a demon finally brings back something long lost to the preservation of a fragile Earth; something far vaster than anyone could ever have imagined.
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The six speculative fiction books of the Realm of Dica series

From the rose of a late Summer's eve to the very stars above

The Realm of Dica Series
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Cold Angel Days Cover
An Artist's Eye
Starmaker Stella

This is an epic six book mystery series set within the exquisitely realised "created-world" realm of Dica. At its heart is a story spanning the millennia - from ancient myth and legend to the realm's turbulent present - all seen through the intimate vision of its idiosyncratic characters. These are folk who'll become as real to you as friends and family, and whose revealing and somehow contemporary story will stay with you for ever more.

It's the kind of fantasy you might have expected from the pen of Mervyn Peake, peopled with fully fleshed-out characters reminiscent of those so joyously created by Terry Pratchett. The story at times, though, may seem to owe more to CS Lewis, as it weaves its way through a rich, deep and multi-threaded tapestry of a plot that would have pleased the science fiction master Olaf Stapledon. And of course, there's one character who mustn't be overlooked, and that's the Realm of Dica itself - so real, immediate and all-embracing that you could be forgiven for thinking it had sprung from JRR Tolkien's own hand.

Don't be misled, though, for this series is entirely Clive S. Johnson - the author, the poet, the artist. Unique, inventive, idiosyncratic and thought provoking, this series will push you away from the shores of the everyday and into a delightful voyage of discovery. You will find wonder, surprise, dry humour and some gritty truths, as you're inexorably drawn into the pure joy of this rich, poetic and deep tale, so well and beautifully told.

All the series titles, and all my other books, are available in hardback, paperback and e-book formats - click on the cover then click on the appropriate Amazon link on each book's page.

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